Using Rakeback to Improve Your Poker Game

There’s a lot to love about rakeback itself, not to mention the exclusive promos, WSOP staking deals, and rake races and chases that RakeBrain members have access to. Taking advantage of rakeback offers adds a much needed cash boost to many bankrolls and also gives some players the confidence to continue playing their best poker even when in a downswing, as they can still see some concrete benefit to the hands they’re getting in even if the poker gods aren’t blessing them with profits at the moment.

There’s always a direct way that rakeback can improve your game if you’re a RakeBrain player, which is through its exclusive free poker training for players at poker training video sites such as DeucesCracked and PokerSavvy Plus. If you sign up for rakeback at selected sites you’ll get a free 30 day membership at either site once you rake a set amount, which will give you access to training videos from some of the game’s top pros. Be warned, though; once you get a taste of how helpful the video sites are you may be hooked for the rest of your poker career.

Video training sites have become an invaluable aid for many poker players, from beginners looking to learn the ropes to seasoned pros hoping to add new weapons to their poker arsenal. Poker books and strategy articles are a great resource but nothing beats the experience of learning via a video tutorial, watching over the shoulder of a top online pro as they play at the same sites and stakes that you do, explaining their thought process and strategy as the hand progresses. For players that are visual learners or allergic to books there’s nothing better than watching videos, as it’s an interactive, engaging medium that you can watch on your computer at the same time as you grind online.

Training sites feature videos on micro-stakes up the highest stakes games, focusing on both cash games, tournaments, and Sit n Go play, so it’s easy to find exactly the type of instructionial content that will help you the most in your daily poker play. You can also search by various parameters, focusing on just one type of game or format or even viewing all the videos by instructors that you find insightful or useful.

Rakeback can also help players invest in improving their poker games in another direct fashion, as some players choose to earmark some of their rakeback money for coaching lessons, poker books, an extra large monitor, or software that compiles stats and helps analyze their play. Winning poker players quickly realize that it takes commitment to stay ahead of the competition so they’re always trying to improve their game and looking for anything that might give them that tiny extra edge.