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It’s an exciting time to have an account on Unibet Poker.


Now based in Malta, Unibet Poker has been pioneering new territory in the poker world with an emphasis on recreational players and even experimenting with eSports and video game personalities. 

The company has gone through a lot of iterations over the years. It began as a bookmaker in the UK way back in 1997 but then transformed into a poker site on the Microgaming Network. Since then it split from Microgaming and became a true independent. 

These days Unibet is in the strongest place it’s ever been and provides a variety of features for players including challenge-based rewards, fun promos, mobile support and an entertaining Twitch.tv account that offers analysis, strategy and more. 

Unibet is simply a fantastic place for new players to get started with online poker. 

Unibet is one of the only sites that offer anonymous tables, which means pro grinders can’t track you. That means that complicated add-on software like heads-up displays is effectively useless. In other words: it’s a level playing field. 

The site also offers some of the most colorful software around with dynamic avatars, tables and more. 

Another appealing aspect of Unibet is that its loyalty rewards are rather easy to unlock. The top-end rewards aren’t quite as enticing but you won’t have to play 12 hours a day, every day to unlock them either. 

Of course Unibet is still one of the smaller sites, which means it can be hard to find a game at higher stakes, but it’s one of the few independents that stand out and actually offer a unique product.


Three Killer Features on Unibet Poker


1. Entirely targeted to the recreational player

2. No HUDs or add-on software allowed.

3. Incentive-based challenges with easy-to-unlock rewards




Unibet Poker’s software has come a long way from the old Microgaming client. Unibet now runs its own proprietary software, which was designed by Relax Gaming, and it’s actually damn good.

The software offers vibrant graphics, over 100 colorful avatars and a variety of viewing options.

Perhaps the single-best feature of Unibet Poker is the quick-seat lobby, which eliminates sharks looking to feast on lesser-skilled players.

The other enormous change is that Unibet’s new software has completely banned HUDS and tracking software, which has helped level the playing field immensely.

The software is available for both PC and MacOS. There’s also an in-browser option although that’s significantly more limited.

In addition mobile players have access to an app that works on both Android and iOS devices.

One thing to keep in mind with Unibet Poker is that it’s almost exclusively No-Limit Hold’em. There’s a little bit of Omaha action to be had but you won’t find any other games such as Seven-Card Stud or Five-Card anything.

Unibet does offer Fast Hold’em, however, which is another fast-fold variant. It’s very useful for players on the go who are generally only playing one table anyways.


Promotions and Loyalty Program


Unibet’s loyalty program focuses primarily on recreational players and it’s a great place to build a bankroll from scratch.

Instead of a volume-intensive loyalty program Unibet utilizes “Challenges,” where it’s easy to unlock achievements such as “Get dealt 40 pairs” or “Make it to showdown with quads.”

It’s a stark contrast to competing sites that tend to offer the serious rewards to hard-core grinders that put in thousands of hands every week.

Some of the other popular promos on Unibet include the Daily Freeroll Frenzy, Sit & Go Flips and tournaments that run in conjunction with live sporting events.

Unibet is also obviously the place to qualify for Unibet Open live tournaments, which have developed a huge following in Europe.

One thing you should keep in mind is that the site isn’t really catered to players who are trying to make a living playing poker.




The Unibet tournament schedule isn’t the biggest in the online poker world but it’s certainly diverse with a variety of guaranteed prize pool MTTs, Sit & Go’s, Jackpot Sit & Go’s and even Sit & Go Flips.

There’s also the unique Multi-Buy tournaments where you can double, triple or quadruple your starting stack, which adds another element of strategy.

Unibet isn’t really the site to go for massive Sunday Majors but they do offer a compelling €4500-GTD event on Saturday and a €4,000 one on Sunday. 

The skill level on Unibet tends to be a little lower than average, which makes the tournaments even more enticing.


While the volume might not be there yet, there are definitely some fun tournaments on Unibet worth playing.

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