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The Importance of Selecting the Appropriate Rakeback Offer

If you play online poker, then for each hand you play the poker site earns a commission. This commission is commonly referred to as rake. If you have a rakeback deal, the poker site will pay you back a percentage of your rake at the conclusion of each month. If you rake only five hundred dollars in a month, then a 20 percent rakeback arrangement will be worth $100 per month or $1200 per annum. If you do not have rakeback, then you will not get any sum back and thus might be missing out on hundreds or thousands of dollars yearly in free kickbacks. 

With the advent of poker training websites, beating online poker games has become a lot harder. Win rates are reducing while the poker fish pool is drying up. Players are starting to depend more upon soft skills like tilt control, game selection and bankroll management to sustain their win rates. Choosing a sound rakeback offer is another important way to increase your win rate. Most newcomers to internet poker naively register for an initial deposit bonus, believing they are obtaining the finest deal possible. An initial deposit bonus is not as valuable as rakeback even within the short term. Nevertheless, once their bonus has been cleared, a gamer will get very little kick back from the poker website. Once people have a good understanding of how online poker works, and get active within the online poker community, they recognize that a sound rakeback deal is a lot more valuable than a bonus contract. In addition, when a gamer registers for a rakeback contract, it is a contract for life.

A quality rakeback contract can transform a losing poker gamer into a winning gamer, thus it is important to select the most appropriate contract before registering with a new poker website.

How to Select the Finest Rakeback Contract for You

There are many rakeback deals available; however it might not be the greatest rakeback percentage that’s most appropriate for you. You have to consider a number of factors when selecting a rakeback deal.

* To start with, you should find a rakeback site that has many options to select from. Such sites usually have fantastic relationships with poker rooms; also they will provide more choices for you to evaluate.

* Analyze your style of play as well as the kinds of tournaments/games you enjoy playing.

* Use the available resources to determine the potential earnings. Generally, rakeback sites have rakeback calculators.

* Check out the rakeback details for each poker room. For instance, if you play many tournaments as well as Sit and Go’s, then you need a rakeback contract that includes these costs into your MGR.

* Check the rake structure and rake method at each poker room, because this will also affect your rakeback contract. A rakeback contract is basically additional value from your game play thus your decision to register with a particular room should be based on whether their room can take care of all your needs.  


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VIP 100% up to $400Pacific/888 No US playersGet Rewards
27% 100% up to $1000Winning Poker Network US players AllowedGet Rakeback
VIP 100% up to $1500iPoker Network No US playersGet Rewards
27% 100% up to $1000Winning Poker Network US players AllowedGet Rakeback
VIP 100% up to $600Independent No US playersGet Rewards
36% 200% Up To $1000Revolution Gaming US players AllowedGet Rakeback
30% 200% Up To €1500iPoker Network No US playersGet Rakeback
100% 100% up to $500Chico Poker Network No US playersGet Rakeback
30% 100% up to $800Independent No US playersGet Rakeback
VIP 200% up to $5000 No US playersGet Rewards
55% 100% up to $600Independent No US playersGet Rakeback
VIP 100% up to €500Independent No US playersGet Rewards
VIP 200% up to $2000iPoker Network No US playersGet Rewards