Rakeback Promotions

The RakeBrain monthly exclusive promotions brings added value to all members. Instead of competing with all players at the poker room, you are only competing against other RakeBrain members in our rake races and freerolls. We will occasionally list promotions here that are not exclusive to members, if we find that they are good enough and brings value to our members. All promotions are available for members of RakeBrain.com

RakeBrain Promotions

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What are Poker and RakeBack Promos?

Rake Races

What is a Rake Race? In a rake race the winners of this type of poker promo are the players that rake the most at a particular poker room in a given timeframe, almost like a league where players- say over a week or month - compete to gain the highest amount of rake or points. This differs from a rake chase.  

Rake Chases

Rake Chases have specific targets and rewards set by the poker room, usually the first players to reach those targets win the rake chase. Where as in a rake race, its usually the player with the highest amount of points/rake over a time period not like rake chase where it’s essentially the first to hit an objective.


Essentially there are two types of Freerolls or at least two ways of qualification for this type of rakeback promotion. Firstly there are genuinely free tournaments provided by the online poker room to their members with real cash prizes and giveaways, and the only remit for qualifying into the tournament t is to have an account at the poker room. Then the second type of freeroll and the one most commonly associated to rakeback is where although no money is paid by the player to join the tournament, certain point’s levels, (VIP or other), or certain rake target or level are held by the palyer. Normally these qualification requirements - rake or points - are set to a certain qualification time frame however some can be set to overall levels for VIP only freerolls etc.  


If a player qualifies for the VIP or exclusive tournament they can exchange the points in some cases for entry, or can be invited to play as a VIP or loyal member.

Other Poker  & Rakeback Promotions

Poker Rooms often have many other promotions for their members.  One of the main promotions is usually the sign up bonus.  Where the room will give you a certain amount or percentage to play with. The most common form of sign up promo are deposit matches, where the poker operator will match you first deposit. For example Unibet Poker have a loyalty program based on rake, while you will get 100% deposit bonus up to $500 to play with, Americas Cardroom offer 27% rakeback plus 100% deposit bonus on sign up (up to $1,000). 888 poker offer $88 free with no deposit on sign up.


The offers vary from room to room, also there are exclusive promos such qualification to major tournaments, and many monthly offers and different game types and promos.. On this page we will keep you updated with best of the promos each month so you won’t miss out.

VIP Promotions

The shift in the last few years from many poker rooms is to move their players or members towards VIP Poker promotions, rewards and loyalty schemes. While similar to rakeback as the rooms are giving back to the players through different forms, money/prizes etc., they often differ in structures and of course are not directly related to the rake the online poker room charges.


The most common VIP promotion or loyalty reward is through a points system.  Where essentially the more you play, deposit, wager etc. the more the points (or stars – however the poker rooms VIP program is set up) the poker room will give you, as these levels of points increase so do the rewards.


Although all rooms differ in their VIP promos the most common set up is that you can exchange your “Points” for cash (which you can withdraw), Bonus- money to play and win cash with, VIP or exclusive tournament entry and stores where you can buy products with your loyalty or VIP points.


How do I qualify?

As mentioned above the qualifying for the promotions, rakeback or other, firstly require you to sing up and create an account with the poker room. Then there are usually deposit requirements and as we talked about above the terms and conditions for the promos vary enormously for each promo. One could be a total freeroll, another would be a certain amount of rake or points accumulated in a two week period. SO make sure you check out all the promo details and terms to make sure you are happy with it overall.  

Anything else to Know?

Some of the promos offered here are exclusively to players who sign up through rakebrain so make sure to create your account with us to ensure you qualify.


A note of advice for all players out there – due to how competitive the poker market is, the rooms are competing to get your play on their site/software, and one of the most attractive ways of doing this via promos and special offers, but if you only are looking to play at one or two rooms online, then make sure that the site is all round, what you are looking for and not just head to the place with the best bonus as on some occasions they might not be what you are looking for from a total perspective.