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Anyone that plays Texas Holdem with any seriousness knows that math is an important aspect of the game. One must be able to count outs effectively, and know what their odds are to win each hand. For some players, some of these skills are not easy to come by or they take up a lot of time during the hand, possibly giving away information to the other players. Now, there are a number of online solutions, which provide their users unique accessibility to various poker odds calculator software, these software rooms may now be found on one site, Texas Calulatem.

Texas Calculatem at first glance offers the best odds calculator you will find on the net, with the best offers.  These software use a sophisticated algorithm that not only takes into account the cards that you play, but also the play of the other players.  Factors such as position and opponent’s likely hand ranges are taken into consideration to give you the best odds to win a hand.  Furthermore, they give you advice as to whether to play the hand based on current game conditions. This tool is very helpful for both beginning and expert players.  Among the features of these software are charts that will show you what cards are still live to complete your hand.  These programs will even point out when you have a nut hand. Having this type of information readily available will help you make faster decisions and throw your opponents off their game.

Texas Calculatem programs offers you the ability to modify the software to adjust it to your playing style.  For example, let’s assume that you have certain hands that you will play in late position that would not be considered playable by most calculators.  You can adjust your software to include these hands.  Also, if you think the software is too loose in certain situations, you can adjust the software to play tighter. 

The various software programs offered by Texas Calculatem will run on both Windows XP and Windows Vista.  It includes poker room support for over 200 poker sites, including PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Everest Poker, Bodog, UltimateBet, and PartyPoker.  Odds are that your favorite room will be compatible with Texas Calculatem.

Not all poker calculators are created equal.  If all you want is a program that will tell you base pre-flop odds, you can download those all over the internet.  If you want a program that goes beyond your cards, considers your opponents, and is interactive, then give the software programs offered at Texas Calculatem a try.