Online Casinos

Entering the world of online casinos can be a disorienting affair. There are many online casinos out there to choose from and how you approach and treat them will determine how much you can enjoy from your experience.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Best Online Casinos

What makes them different from physical casinos? What makes them the same? What can you do to improve your gaming experience there? These are just some of several important bits of information you will need to learn before you play your first ever game.

First let's take a look at the best online casinos you can try today by just the click of a button:

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Legality of Casinos that operate online

Surprisingly, only the states of Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware have openly accepted online casinos as legal business establishments and have their clearly established regulations for them. As for the rest, their laws are either quite vague or are openly opposed to it.

This is most likely because most states have clauses about the use of unauthorized equipment for the purpose of gambling. This includes computers and other devices that connects them to the Internet. Just to be safe, read through your state’s laws regarding online gambling before you enter a casino site.

The House Still Wins

Like its physical counterpart, playing at an online casino feels like you are playing with the odds stacked against you. There will be instances when you will play through hours without even experiencing a single win. Some might even think that the casino is cheating or that the games are rigged.

The truth of the matter is that cheating at USA online casinos is not necessary. The games were designed to have a statistical and mathematical edge over the player regardless of who they are and how long they have been playing. Basically, online casinos employ a software with algorithms that allow games to simulate the feeling of playing a live casino game.

This means that every card you draw and every number that turns up is randomly generated. In other words, your chances of winning and losing in an online casino game are relatively the same as when you play at an actual casino.

Depositing options for Online Casinos

Due to laws like the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), getting and transferring money for the purposes of online gambling is not as easy as you think. Many online casinos have employed a number of methods to ensure quick cash flow but the US Department Justice had them promptly shut down.

However, one thing you have to understand about online casinos is that they are clever and they will find new ways to get money in and out from their sites for each game you play. As of now, the most popular methods are through cash transfer services like Western Union, PayPal, and MoneyGram or the internet currency known only as BitCoin.

There Is a Difference Between Online Casinos and Online Gaming Sites

There might be similarities between USA online casinos and other gaming sites but they differ on one certain aspect: who you are playing against. In online casinos, you are playing against the house which has its set pool of money and a number of games that you can play in including baccarat, roulette, slot machines, and poker.

On the other side, sites that offer specific games like Bingo have you play with other players with money you and others have pooled on as the reward. How these sites earn is through taking in a percentage of each pot as a commission which is called as the “rake” in terms of gambling. This makes these sites an entirely different business when compared to online casinos.

The Do’s and Don’ts in Online Casinos

The quality of your experience in an online casino depends greatly on how well you prepare and move through it. Regardless if it is the best online casino USA has or something less so, how you will enjoy will be determined by what you do. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make the most out of any game you play there.


Set a Limit: Your money is finite and there is no assurance that you will reap huge returns in every game you play no matter how big your budget is. Set a budget that is within what you call reasonable and is proportionate to your bankroll.

Ask for Support: Since you are playing on a non-physical environment, you might encounter problems that prevent you from continuing a game or checking out your winnings. Fortunately, there is the option to call for help from site administrators. The best online casino USA has will have near 24/7 online support which only tells you that they are dedicated to ensuring the best possible gaming experience for their clients.

Stay Focused: Like their real world counterparts, games at an online casino rely on chance and the odds can quickly change in a moment. It is your duty, then, to pay attention to what is happening and adapt quickly. This way, you can minimize your losses while maximizing your returns.

This also goes without saying that you should not let emotions get the best of you especially on a bad game. Emotional players tend to act rashly which leads to even more losses. The more you keep your emotions in check after a bad game, the less money you are going to lose in the next.


Chase after Your Losses: If you are losing at a game, you need to quickly move to the next one. Your odds of winning might change at a losing game but there is no telling how much money you are going to lose before that happens. A new game, however, will yield you better chances of recovering whatever money you lost.

Get Cocky: The feeling of winning a game can embolden anybody but there is also that temptation to bet more to win more. This is why a lot of first-timers win a lot in the first game and then lose more in the next. If you have won in one game, it is best that you still stick to your betting limits in the next.

As a matter of fact, it would be best that you set a certain time limit to your stay in an online casino and then cash out once you reach it. Overstaying your welcome in any online casino leaves you at the mercy of their ever-changing odds.

Play under the Influence: The reason why real world casinos offer alcohol to patrons is so that they can get drunk. When a person is under the influence of alcohol or any other substance out there, they don’t make the best choices so they tend to play badly. And when you play badly, the house has better chances of getting more of your money.

Fortunately, this should not be the case when you are playing at home with the best online casino USA has.  Keep alcohol and other substances away from you as you play a game so you can maintain control and focus.

Play in a Bad Mood: For some reason, negative emotions tend to draw in bad luck. Also, since you are disturbed mentally, you tend to not make the best decisions when angry or depressed. A lot of players in bad moods tend to overspend and chase after losses. Just keep in mind, however, that being in a good mood does not ensure success but it does make your stay there all the more enjoyable.

Understanding Odds when playing in Online Casinos

Every game you play in any online casino is dictated by chance. However, there is a way that you can improve your odds of winning and get the most online casinos real money USA there is available to you. Here’s how:

Know the Jackpot First

Before playing any game, you have to find out what is the biggest prize you can net from the house in that game alone. This is the jackpot and winning it is often the ultimate goal of any person going to a casino, real world or otherwise.  By knowing the jackpot, you can time your plays properly which will increase your chances of winning.

Spend Less

Your game spending should mirror that actual amount you have set for that visit alone. If you are on a $50 budget, it is best that you don’t play games that require $10 or more for each play. Try to lengthen your stay by choosing smaller games. After all, $1 games will give you 50 chances to win as opposed to $10 games which gives you only 5.

Become a VIP

If you have been gambling a lot, you might be given the chance to enter into the casino’s VIP club. Becoming a VIP has its perks depending on the site which includes discounts, loyalty gift cards, and even vocations. These might not exactly yield you double the online casinos real money USA you can get but the rewards are not something to be sneezed at either.

Read the Fine Print

Before wagering in any game, you need to read the bonus terms as they will tell you how much you should wager and how much before cash out can be available. The best part about gambling in the Internet is that you can get a lot of bonuses which is not exactly available in real world casinos. Find out what each site offers you for every wager to get the most.

Pick the Right Game

Although the games at an online casino are controlled by chance, there are some games that give you better odds of winning. Find out the house edge for each game as this will tell you how likely you are going to lose there. For instance, Blackjack’s house edge can be reduced down to 0.05% if you play your cards right. The same goes for card games like baccarat and poker.

However, the one game that you can never overcome the house’s edge is slot machines. Due to the randomized nature of each result, the house edge for each play is at 3-6%. If this seems uncomfortable to you, then pick the games where your skills will give you a slight edge over the casino.

Take a Break

Playing consecutively for hours straight tends to drain the mind which increases your chances of losing. When playing at online casino games, give yourself a time limit and make sure that you take a break when you reach it.

This way, you will be able to refresh yourself and keep focused. After all, your chances of winning the most online casinos real money USA has will be the most likely if your brain is at its peak operating condition. Combine this with your strategies and you might just net in the most money during cash out for each time you visit the site.

How to Spot Bad Casinos

The best part about online casinos is the various options you can choose from and the fact that you can switch from them easily in one just one sitting. However, even the online casino has its own set of black sheep in the form of rogue sites and operators.

Identifying Legal USA online casinos from the shady ones is important if you want to save money. To do so you must be on the lookout for certain clues.

Jurisdiction – A telltale sign that a casino is not legal is if its point of origin is out of the country. If you are playing in the USA in an online casino from South America, you must proceed with caution. This might not exactly tell you that the site is a scam but it does determine that they won’t play by the same rules as regulated by your state.

No Funding – The best casinos actually have enough money to let clients play even if a table is not full. If you have to wait for other players to deposit their wagers, there is a chance that the casino might not give you what you are looking for if in case you win. There are even some sites that refuse to cash out winners and have them wait for months until considerable money has been collected.

Payment Pressure – Legal USA online casinos actually do not badger clients to pay for their progressive wins or have you take a lump sum instead of the full balance. Unscrupulous operators often do this to avoid paying the full balance they owe to the winner. The worst part about this is that you cannot claim the winnings if the site gets closed down.

Banning Complaints – Good casinos listen to feedback regardless if they were delivered gently or rudely. If a casino starts banning accounts for the slightest of complaints, this just tells you that the site is trying to silence dissent to give off an impression that everything is operating smoothly.

Unwanted Bonuses – Rogue casinos often give you bonuses even if you don’t want it. Some might even give you one the moment you request for a cash out. The reason for this is simple: if you agree to the bonus, you will no longer be bound to terms and conditions.

This means that you will have to explicitly complete their rollover terms before you can even cash out your winnings. Legit casinos also do this because they want you to stay longer. However, they never use bonuses as a makeshift “pay wall” that prevents you from cashing out.

“Too Good to be True” Offers – If there is one thing you should realize about legal USA online casinos is that they never offer bonuses that go beyond 100%. In fact, they don’t offer any assurance that your money is going to grow by the hour the more you play. They just let you play a game and it is up to chance whether or not you will win the jackpot.

You have to understand that casinos are businesses first and foremost and, as such, have the intent to make money. Assuring each of their clients of lucrative offers can be counterproductive to their goals.

Rogue casinos, on the other hand, offer ridiculous match bonuses 400% match up increases that turn your $100 playing budget to winnings in between $5,000 and $10,000 by the end of the night. These increases are impossible even on the best games.

Benefits of Gambling Online

Once you have avoided the worst that shady sites can offer, you can then pick the ones that are rated the best in the country right now. There are quite a lot of perks that the top USA online casinos can offer to you and below are just of the more noticeable examples.

Convenience – Like their real world counterparts, online casinos give you a number of games to choose from including poker, baccarat, and slot machines. However, what makes them stand out even more is that you can quickly change games or even allow you play multiple games with a simply click of a button.

Online casinos give you the option to try out many titles for free to give you an idea how the game plays. This way, you don’t have to fork out money on your first game especially if it is a bad one.

Bonuses – New players are often given a ton of bonuses designed to enhance their gaming experience even further. These bonuses offer a number of perks like increased free spins at select slot machines, discounts for payments, and even small amounts of free cash just for trying out new games.

Keep in mind, however, that scamming sites also offer these bonuses to their players. The only difference is that legit sites never force their players to avail of these bonuses during cash out and they actually live up to their promises.

Deposits and Withdrawals – If there is one thing that the top USA online casinos would want to get right at all times, it would be in making sure that money gets in and out of sight quickly and as safely as possible. Every room that you would go into offer multiple banking and cash transfer options for a number of currencies. This way, you can get to enjoy your winnings as soon as possible.

Customer Support – Moving through a website can be quite confusing at first and this is even more complicated if money is involved. The best online casinos provide around-the-clock support services for clients that get stuck in one game or have problems cashing out their winnings.    

Support should also be available in a number of forms so that problems can be solved as quickly as possible. The best casinos offer support via voice chat, e-mail, and other channels.

Cross-Platform Availability – Recent technological advancements should allow for internet gambling to be played at any time of the day and in any device. The best online casinos have their websites arranged and formatted to be optimized across multiple devices and screen sizes.

Some websites even have adopted a touch-screen interface for handheld device owners so that they can quickly enter a room, play a game, and cash out with just a few swipes at their screen. The best casinos also have their sites designed so that every gaming experience is optimized regardless of which device it was accessed at.

Safety and Security – Lastly, the top USA online casinos abide by the highest security standards in recent years. After all, large amounts of money are being funneled in and out of the site which means a security breach can result in massive losses for the casino and the players.

A good website should have layers upon layers of encryption to protect clients and operators. These casinos can even hire auditors and software experts to test out security systems way before they are even introduced to the market.

Lastly, these casinos would implement strict features that will prevent cheating players from staying too long and cashing in their winnings. With multiple security features, these casinos can make sure that you will get your winnings as quickly as possible without compromising your data.