iPoker rakeback

iPoker rakeback

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Betfair Poker
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iPoker is currently not accepting rakeback deals, they might do in the future so please check back frequently.
Comment on the network: Large growing network that hosts European Championship Of Online Poker. (ECOOP)
Gametypes: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7 Card Stud, 5 Card Stud.
Cashgame players (peak): 10034.
Texas No Limit Hold’em Antes: $0.01-$0.02 up to $100-$200.
Available for US players: NO
Skin (selection): William Hill Poker, Ladbrokes Poker, Betfair Poker.
Software provider: Playtech

The iPoker network is quickly becoming a juggernaut of online poker networks. For the last few years, iPoker has slowly been expanding its reach to become the largest network of online poker sites available on the Internet. This is good news for them and may be even better news for the players. Some of the many online poker sites on the iPoker network include William Hill Poker, Ladbrokes Poker & Betfair Poker.

Graphics and Software
The graphics on iPoker sites are top of the line, with clear icons and a variety of avatars to choose from. The software is state of the art as well, with hand histories that include images, a full slate of easy to read and identify statistics, and fast, smooth game play. If you’re a professional online poker player looking for an edge, the ease of collecting and analyzing data on iPoker sites may be just what you’re looking for. If you’re a recreational player, you’ll just enjoy a complete, top of the line online poker experience.

There are plenty of good games to be found on the iPoker network. The large number of sites plus the fact that many of these sites are linked to online casinos means an extremely large pool of unskilled players to choose from. Amateurs will be able to find players of their own skill level while pros will find plenty of fish to help keep their win rates steady.

Because of all the sites on the network, traffic on iPoker sites is among the best you will find online. You will have no problem finding Texas hold’em games, both limit and no limit, at almost any stakes. Other games also will have players, but not to the same extent. Tournaments on iPoker are more popular than ever, and there are regular guaranteed tournaments and freerolls. Sit and Gos are available at a variety of stakes, with shorthanded Sit and Gos being among the most popular. In fact, most Sit and Gos you will find at the site will probably be shorthanded, which is the type that is most popular these days.

Alternatives to rakeback
Many of the poker rooms on the iPoker Network have good alternatives to rakeback.