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27% Rakeback
100% up to $1000
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VIP% Rakeback
100% up to €500
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What is rake?
The rake is what a poker room takes out of each pot in order to make money. Typically the rake ranges from $.05 to $3.
What is rakeback?
Rakeback is the part of the rake that you get back either directly from a poker room or from a poker affiliate (i.e. With rakeback you are essentially being rewarded for being a loyal player and you get a certain percentage of the rake you have paid back each month. If you are a serious online poker player you probably pay hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars in rake each month. Signing up for a rakeback deal here at would save you about a third of that money!
How will I get back my rakeback money?
Your rakeback money will be added to your poker account. In most cases, the poker rooms themselves take care of transferring your rakeback money. In a few instances (e.g. Ultimate Bet and Eurobet) we will transfer the rakeback money to your poker account.
When will I receive my rakeback?
When you receive your rakeback depends on the poker room you play poker at. Please check the individual page here on for your poker room to find out when you will receive your rakeback. Please note, however, that your rakeback is always paid out the following month, i.e. the rakeback you have earned in July will be paid out in August etc.
How is my rake and rakeback calculated?
To figure out how much rake you have paid and how much rakeback you will get the poker rooms use a formula called Monthly Gross Revenue (MGR). How they come up with your MGR can vary a little (for more specific information about the poker room that you are interested in, please check its individual page here on Most rooms, however, take the total amount of rake taken out of all the games you were dealt hands in and divide this number by the number of players dealt in. Almost all rooms also include any tournament fees you have paid in your MGR. Most rooms then subtract any bonuses you might have received from the rake you have paid. The number that is left is you MGR and it is a certain percentage of this number that you can get in the form of rakeback.
How long does it take for my rakeback account to get activated?
As soon as you let us know that you have signed up for a rakeback deal via RakeBrain, we contact that the poker room in question to make sure that you are correctly linked to us. When we get a confirmation from the poker room, your rakeback account on will be activated. In this process we are dependent on a reply from the poker room. Usually this is not a problem and your account will generally get activated within 48 hours. Sometimes, however, it can take up to a week. Please note that if you are correctly linked to us you will receive rakeback from the moment that you create your poker room account.
Why did my rakeback account fail?
Generally, the reason we had to set your rakeback account with a certain poker room to "failed" is because your account with the poker room in question isn't linked to us. In order to provide you with rakeback your account needs to be linked to Common reasons for accounts not being linked to us are that the player's is trying to get rakeback to an existing account or he or she did not follow the sign-up instructions properly. If you didn't use the link we provided for the poker room you won't be linked to us.
Why have I not received my rakeback?
Sometimes your rakeback payment can be delayed because the poker room for some reason is unable to make your payment on time. If this happens we will try and keep you posted about what's going on. Please check our Site News section first if your rakeback is delayed.
Can I get a rakeback deal with a poker room where I already have an account?
Generally, poker rooms don't allow this. Some rooms, however, do let you open a new account. Please contact our email support regarding this.
Is it possible to have rakeback accounts with several poker rooms?
Yes, this is not a problem at all. If you want, you can sign up for a rakeback deal with all the poker rooms we offer rakeback from.
How can I find out how much rake I have paid and how much rakeback I am due?
When you sign-up for a rakeback deal at, we give you access to our Members Only area. To check how much rake you have paid and how much of this you will get back all you have to do is to login to the Members Only area.
I played a lot yesterday but I can't see but my stats still show rake: $0, why?
We do our best to update our members rake stats from all the poker rooms on a daily basis. However, sometimes we are unable to get stats from all the poker rooms. Usually this is due to the poker room's affiliate site being down.
My rake and rakeback shows as negative, how is that even possible?
For poker rooms that deducts bonuses and processing fees and sometimes other costs as well it is indeed possible to have a negative rake for a particular day. If your rake for that day don't exceed what the poker room has deducted for that day your rake will be negative. In some cases a player can have a negative rake for a complete month, which means their rake for the whole month didn't exceed the total deducted amount, this will mean that the player will not earn any rakeback that month. Negative deductions are carried over from one period to the next until these are covered by your rake earnings.
Will bonuses affect my rakeback?
Generally, sign-up bonuses and reload-bonuses will affect your rakeback. Any bonus you get will usually be subtracted from your monthly gross revenue (MGR). For example, if you have paid $600 in rake in a month, and cleared a $100 bonus, your MGR would be $500 ($600 - $100). For more specific information about the poker room that you are interested in, please check its individual page here on
Do tournament fees count toward rake?
Most poker rooms will count tournament fees toward rake and include them in your Monthly Gross Revenue (MGR). For more specific information about the poker room that you are interested in, please check its individual page here on
Do you have a refer-a-friend program?
Yes, we do. You can find more information about by clicking here.
How do I refer a friend and get commission?
As a RakeBrain member you get a referral id that you can use to refer friends and get commission on their rakeback. You can find your referral id on the Refer a Friend page in the Members Only section. To refer a friend to RakeBrain all you need to do is give your friend your referral id and ask him or her to enter it in the referred by field when he signs up for his RakeBrain account.
What is a poker room skin?
A poker room skin hosts the same games, tables, and players as the poker room licensing it out. As a player, you won't notice much difference at all. Sometimes you might see individual promotions. For example, Inter Poker and Sun Poker are two skins on the same poker network, Cryptologic
What is flat rakeback?
With a flat rakeback deal you get the same rakeback percentages regardless how much you pay in rake. This is the kind of rakeback deal that most poker rooms offer.
What is progressive rakeback?
With a progressive rakeback deal your rakeback percentage depends on how much rake you have paid. Your rakeback percentage goes up as your amount of rake paid goes up.
I haven't played at Full Tilt Poker for a while and have recently started up again, why aren't my stats updating?
Full Tilt has recently implemented a rule where if you are inactive for more than 60 days you will be removed from the rakeback deal. Please contact us at so we can take this up with them and see if it can be reversed.