Royal Flush Vs AAAA - WSOP 2008 Main Event

Sep 12, 2008 Categories: News 1 Comments
An unusually sick hand, considering the fact that the probability of hitting four of a kind, better yet a royal flush is 0,000240 Vs. 0,0000139. This showdown does not make it anymore easier to accept since it's WSOP 2008 Main Event. But then again perhaps crazy hands like this belong in a context where the stakes are high and the players are professional. I would seriously go ballistic if I lost a huge pot with four Aces on Poker Heaven. I'm sure we all can agree how much that would sting. What makes this hand comical though is not only that comedian Ray Romano is sitting at the table, looking truly confused, but also the almost non-existing chance of these hands been dealt, never the less dealt in the same round.I can only thank the Poker Gods for televised poker, because a showdown like this should never go unnoticed. Especially since a Royal Flush is a hand only played by a lucky few. Watch the amazing hand: Royal Flush Vs AAAA at WSOP Main Event 2008! If any of you guys have similar beats happen to you, please ventilate and comment on this post!/LeTune


  • Chris says:
    Dec 11, 2009

    Buddy of mine had something similar happen to him in a cash game on PokerStars a few years ago. Sitting at a 5/10 table he is in the BB with AQh and watches the action raise to 50 by utg +2 and 3 callers after. My buddy, being priced in, calls. Flop comes QQQ. Seeing as the pot is already juiced up he moves it all in and is called by the original raiser with KK. As you can probably imagine, turn K, river K. Ugly. My buddy lost a little over 400 on the pot.

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