RakeBrain Exclusive Betfair 2000 USD Freeroll

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Play online poker at Betfair in August and qualify for the $2000 Freeroll held on the 21th of September. Players signing up to Betfair in August only have to generate 1 Betfair Point in order to qualify – existing players must generate 250 Betfair Points. Date: Sunday 21th September Qualifying period: 1st – 31st August Qualifying requirements: A player must generate 250 Betfair Poker Points during the qualifying period. A player that signs up to Rakebrain in August only needs to generate 1 Betfair Poker Point in order to qualify. Payout Structure: Based on Betfair’s standard payout structure. If you don't already have a Betfair Poker account - sign up here!


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