We Will Have to Wait for the Revenge

Apr 18, 2008 Categories: News 2 Comments

It wasn’t an utter humiliation this time, and for that I’m glad. But when I re-raised Jacsup with middle-connectors, and unfortunately enough ran into aces, it was all over. He made trip deuces on the river and I went out in 7th place. So much for the revenge.

So, the second Le Cheese Challenge is over.

Here comes a brief recap of the event after my sad departure:

When the game was four handed, Katitude lost in a brutal way. She was all in pre-flop with QQ against Jackup’s Tc8c. On the flop, Kat was in good shape with her over-pair, but the turn and river changed it all – T T – typically full tilt, so rigged and all that.

Please visit Katitude's blog for hand history and some top-notch whining :)

Jacksup now had a bit over 20k against RakeBrain player Td8507 with 13k and Huntsvegas with 5k, and as the true gentlemen they are, they spent the following ten minutes swapping blinds with each other.

When the blinds were 250 – 500 (Omaha,) td8597 busted hutsvegas. They were all in pre-flop with AQQx against 3456 or something like that. Anyway, the board was all high cards and jacksup and td8597 could go into heads-up mode pretty even in chips.

A bit later, td8507 managed to get paid off with a full house and established a 3 to 1 chip lead.

In the last hand, td8507 bet out on the flop: 4h 7h 6d, and Jacksup raised all-in with a straight draw – Qd 5s. Td8507 called with 9h 3h.

The turn and river came: 9c Jc, and td8507 won the tournament with a little pair of nines.

Thanks everybody for a great tournament and see ya’ll next time.

- LeCheese


  • Katitude says:
    Dec 11, 2009

    LOL...TY for the great game! It really was a lot of fun. And I prefer to think of it as bitching rather than whining *grin. One day I will learn not to post while tilting

  • Dec 11, 2009

    great work,

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