Time for Le Cheese Revenge

15/04/2008 11:40am Categories: News

A while ago, Rakebrain and I arranged a tournament called Le Cheese Challenge. We invited a few poker bloggers and a couple of Rakebrain players, and I felt quite confident in taking home the two-table sit-and-go. But I busted out first. Now the time for revenge has come.

Since that unfortunate torney a month ago, I have been on a losing streak and haven’t been able to get my game on track. Superstitious as I am, I think the problem lies in my terrible play in the Le Cheese Challenge. It messed up my game.

Two reverse the spell, there’s going to be another tournament at Full Tilt Poker on Thursday. The game is Hold’em/Omaha Hi with a $1,000 prize pool; and this time, I’ll probably win…

Invited players to Le Cheese Challenge are:

Schaubs TNSpaceman huntsvegas garycarson Buddydank Pokerpeaker VinNay Donkette katitude pking19 willhopper Gcox25 Kickasspoker Drizztdj NightRanger BadBlood mookie99 AlCantHang SirFWALGMan ToastOnTilt Short-Stacked Shamus jacksup MrSubliminal Crazzynesss - RakeBrain staff td8507 - RakeBrain Rakeback Member Sexy Sabrina - RakeBrain Rakeback Member